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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 21, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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varlet when writing in. thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill please always remember stops here. we are definitely lo for you. tonight on "the kelly file," the white house in full damage control mode. after weeks of negative headlines and his aides failing to convince american that is the roll out is working the president takes to the microphone. >> nobody is more frustrated by that than i am. >> why won't the administration come clean on the numbers? >> i don't have specific data for you. >> b what about the hundreds of thousands now getting kicked off their health care plans contrary to the president's promises? "the kelly file" gets answers. >> and the breakthrough study on male baldness out just hours ago. is there a cure right around the corner? >> from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly.
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>> good evening, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. tonight on "the kelly file" the white house in full damage control mode following the government's deeply troubled health care law rollout. earlier today the president himself making a campaign style appearance in the rose garden, flanked by 13 people, all of whom the white house described as, quote, benefitting from obama care. during his remarks president obama admitted things haven't gone well saying nobody is more frustrated than he is. >> the problem has been that the website that's supposed to make it easy to apply for and purchase the insurance is not working the way it should for everybody. there is no sugar coating it. >> at the same time however the president attempted to dismiss the obama care problems as unique to the website used to sign up for insurance suggesting the program itself is just stellar. >> i want everybody to remember that we are only three weeks into a six-month open enrollment
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period when you can buy the new plans. the product is good. the health insurance that's being provided is good. it's high quality and affordable. >> among other things missing from the 26-minute speech today exactly what went wrong with the website which cost the american people over $300 million. exactly how many people have managed to enroll in the new health care exchanges as opposed to just those who made an attempt? that's the only number they gave. and whether tax penalties that will be owed by individuals who fail to get coverage, whether those may be delayed now given the difficulty of signing up. later in the day jay carney was pressed on the issues and the question of who prepared the president on this. >> five days before the president said it was a place to purchase affordable health care plans the same way you purchase a plane ticket on kayak. who misled the president? five days before somebody let
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the president go out to the american people to give this speech and say this and make the promise. in fact, the next line is i promise you, this is a lot easier. it's like booking a hotel or plane ticket. >> the president is frustrated. he made it clear in his remarks say. >> it wasn't answered. we try to get to the bottom of your questions. number one, if you like your dock a tornado health care plan can you keep it? the answer may clearly be no. two, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius facing pressure to testify before congress. she had to go to boston for a gala so she said no. but we have details on her new plans. and a theory that some democrats want the health care law to fail in order to get to the goal of a single-payer system. that's basically medicare for
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everybody which means the government is paying so you're paying. how many people have signed up for the low so far? >> i don't have the numbers yet. as you indicated the interests way exceeded expectations. >> i don't have specific data for you. i can tell you it is irrefutable that there is not great interest. >> one last time. forgive me, you haven't answered it. do you not know how many people signed up? >> it's not my area of responsibility. >> the truth is we don't have the information. >> how many have signed up thus far? >> fully enrolled? i can't tell you. i don't know. >> american enterprise institute fellow and presidential speech writer who served under president george w. bush. i know you have been investigating for weeks. the latest figures are that almost 500,000 people had
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attempted to enroll. had begun enrolling. what does that tell us? >> nothing. in order to find out what the plans and options are you have to register on the website. there is one washington post reporter who said she was responsible for 12 of those. those have nothing to do with the reality of who signed up for obama care. the president said we are not sugar coating it. they have been. they are saying the reason the website isn't working is because it is so popular that the volume is so massive it crashed the website. the washington post said the volume of traffic is down 90%. if the volume is down 90% why doesn't it work? it's still not working even with the volume down the this is a deeper problem. >> why do we care about how well the website works? president obama said, look, we have had glitches. it's been rocky and so on. we'll get past that and get to the shangri-la moment where
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everybody says that was hellacious but, wow, i love my coverage. >> they can't get the coverage. so the test was does he give us a number. the fact that he didn't is revealing. the number is so low it's almost embarrassing for them. if it was respectable they would have given it to us. so they give us diversionary numbers like 20 million people visited health minutes later he said thousands have signed up. i was a presidential speech writer. i worked through fact checking. if the speech writers could have said tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands they would have. the fact that he said thousands maybe indicates the number is worse than what's speculated in the media. >> kathleen sebelius said the goal is to get 7 million people signed up by tend of march.
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that's how the system will work. they think they need 7 million because then there will be enough the young healthy people to support the older people with pre-existing conditions. that's what they think they need to make the system work. >> yeah. >> 7 million by march 31. though the government has not given numbers of how many people have actually enrolled there is a research service, millward brown digital research which is used by a.p. and other organizations. their estimate is 129,000 have enrolled at the state and federal level. >> sure. >> that would be 6400 per day. if you take that ratio times 161 day thes which is what we have until march 31, that gives you 1 million people. that's 6 million short of what sebelius says we need in order for this to work. if we get to march 31 and that's the number, what happens?
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>> it's a disaster. it will come to a head sooner than that. they have eight weeks before it comes to a head. the deadline to have signed up for health care by january 1 is eight weeks from today. if you are not signed up by december 15 you get hit by the obama care penalty. you can get a refund if you sign up later. they have eight weeks to fix the website and get it moving fast enough that people can sign up in large numbers and they can show progress. if they can't do it what will happen is the president has to delay the individual mandate. you cannot punish somebody for not having health insurance if the website you created to let them sign up isn't working. >> as the president today came out and twice was referring people to the 1-800 number. >> it's fascinating. can you imagine if said, you know, our website
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isn't working and probably won't be for weeks or a month. call our 800 number. they would be out of business. he's cornering the insurance market for people who use bag phones. this is taking us back to the 1980s. >> the whole is to get young people signed up. hard to get them to go online to coa lengthy application process. now they want to sign up via text. they don't even call their parents. >> exactly. >> that's the reality of young people. >> if you call that number and numerous journalists have called. they can't even sign you up. they can take down information and send you paperwork. it's not the like calling or oh an 800 number and buying something. it is a long drawn out complicated process and they still can't sign you up. the call centers are as bad as the website. >> you can get service in 150 languages. maybe they should have focused on fixing the website instead of
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offering obama care in swahili. >> thank you, meg. >> throughout the long and angry debate over obama care the president said repeatedly if you like your plan you can keep it. if you like your doctor, you can keep him. and should kathleen sebelius keep her job? where is the accountability? her new attempt to calm the critics ahead. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement
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back now to our coverage of the problems piling up for the health care overhaul and a report from kaiser health news now getting a lot of attention. kaiser says hundreds of thousands of americans have been kicked off of their insurance plans in recent weeks because of obama care. calling into question the promise of the president that the if you like your coverage you can keep it. emily miller from the washington times and mark hannah is a veteran of two campaigns and a democratic political analyst. emily, let me start with you. the plan says it is people on the individual market they have to buy their own insurance. they are getting kicked off because obama care requires all plans out there to meet a certain number of minimum requirements including maternity care. people had chosen cheaper plans
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that didn't have that stuff. that's no longer an option. is his promise being kept? >> no, kelly, it's not. president obama said in 2009 if you want to keep your health insurance plan you can. if you want to keep your doctor you can. it's false. we have seen already hundreds of thousands of americans have gotten letters from their health insurance company saying, i'm sorry, you're off the plan. we're going to put you into this plan if you don't decide, we are putting you into this plan. families are faced with sbrosh at that particular time costs they weren't planning on to cover these unemployed people who -- unsured people who need coverage. >> the reports are, for example, blue shield of california sent 119,000 cancellation notices out. if you go through the list it quos on and on. florida bill terminating policies. 160,000 people in california.
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high mark in pittsburgh dropping 20% of the individual market. the list goes on. they are saying, look, we can't comply and so you're out. >> right. >> the affordable care act basically takes plans that are predatory plans. it sets a baseline for what an insurance plan has to offer. if it doesn't offer those things, absolutely. these are companies that are booting people off because they are crummy plans. like when people bought predatory home loans. if we had more regulation we wouldn't have gotten into the 2008 financial crisis. >> what if i like my crummy plan? >> if you like it, i will tell you. >> we had a dad saying, we are done having children. there is a reason i didn't pay extra for maternity care. i'm fine with that crummy plan. >> there are parameters you have to have. insurance companies can't
9:16 pm
discriminate against people with with pre-existing conditions. they have to provide for women's health and preventative care and certain things like that. let's look at the health care exchange and get affordable plans that accommodate the all the bare minimum requirements. >> people are getting kicked off existing plans they did like. we're americans. we like to make decisions about our lives, finances and families. i was talking to my friend robin today. her family, they are small business owners with three kids. they chose a policy that had a high deductible and a low monthly premium because it worked for their finances. she said, we have always paid our bills, worked hard. they got a letter from blue cross/blue shield of maryland. it said you're off. we'll appoint you to this one that costs double or you can go into the exchanges. she's forced into a new policy.
9:17 pm
>> probably higher quality and less expensive. >> to explain the difference of what she gets. prescription. her three kids don't use prescriptions. they haven't yet. she's paying double for something she's not using. >> this is what i want to ask. mark, the president didn't say you can keep your plan unless it's crappy and i will then decide it's crappy. >> the president said there are certain plans dpsh dsh. >> if i want to pay less isn't that my right? we are seeing that right taken away from hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of americans. >> look, there is a sucker born every minute. do you have the right to buy something some swindler is trying to sell you? >> robin is happy with hers. she wasn't being swindled. >> all along the president said you can keep your plan. he also said and he was honest with the american people, there are certain baselines below which insurance plans can't be
9:18 pm
offered. there are certain crummy plans that will be illegal because they prey upon people's lack of information when they are signing up for the an insurance plan. under the obama care exchanges, my friend sally cohn saved her family $5,000. yes, there are glitches and hiccups with the online exchanges. but the people and emily's friend w off and is offered a more expensive plan can go to her exchange and find a less expensive plan. >> we talked to three people about this. you go on the exchange and suddenly your doctor isn't in the exchange. now you have a choice. >> that's true of all private insurance. >> you have their plan or get kicked off your dock spr. >> that's true of all private insurance. >> it's not what the president promised. that's the issue. he said that over and over. tonight american peoples are asking whether it was true. i have to go. thank you for being here. >> thanks.
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>> thank you. >> one of the hot stories developing tonight. we'll look at the theory that some democrats including perhaps even the president perhaps want obama care to fail. wait until you see why. plus, judge napolitano is here to talk about a couple dragged from their car and attacked by teens in brooklyn. a question about t whether this is a hate crime. hehehe peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business. so we provide it services you can rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on. multi-layered security solutions keep your information safe, and secure. and responsive dedicated support meets your needs, and eases your mind. centurylink. your link to what's next. so if ydead battery,t tire, need a tow or lock your keys in the car,
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questions tonight about crime and prosecution after what's described as a racially charged attack results in serious charges for one suspect but not all of them. trace gallagher live from the west coast newsroom with the latest. trace? >> police have arrested three teenagers, 18, 17 and 14 along
9:23 pm
with a 12-year-old girl. they believe as many as ten young people may have been involve maryland the beating. ronald and alana russo were driving in brooklyn. they say they had the green light but the suspects, all black, stayed in the street. russo honked his horn. they began punching and kicking the car. when he got out to check damage they dragged him to the ground, beat and kicked him, breaking his nose and septum. his wife tried to call 911. she was also badly beaten. the court papers say the gang said, quoting here, got to get those crackers, calling them white m.f.ers and other derogatory names. they have been charged with assault. only the 18-year-old was charged with a hate crime. police say it means he deliberately targeted those people for their race, religion or sexual orientation. just the 18-year-old. >> thank you. why just him?
9:24 pm
joining me now, judge napolitano. why just the 18-year-old? >> we have to know more of the facts in the case which the police are still developing. there are still people involved in the case they haven't arrested yet and haven't had a chance to interrogate. to charge someone with a hate crime in new york city means you have to prove the victim was chosen because of the victim's race, not because he beeped the horn or the car happened to be there or another reason. that's a difficult burden to overcome. the police. >> you can say it's a white crime because somebody says, get him because he white, black, gay. not if it's just a random slur that's uttered? >> yes. the law requires the victim was selected because of the hated characteristic, race, sexual orientation, whatever it is.
9:25 pm
>> it can't be, oh, he cut me off. i will beat him. oh, turns out he's white and i will call him a cracker. >> correct. >> that doesn't git get you a hate crime charge. >> if the government charges a hate crime and that's all the evidence they have, they have over charged and they will weaken the case. >> can you be charged with a hate crime if you are under 18? they have the 18-year-old but not the younger ones. >> you can be charged with a hate crime under 18. the if you are going to be tried as a juvenile, the trial will be the in secret and they will frekt individual if they are acquitted. it's a different proceeding. the government could argue to a juvenile court judge even if they are under 18 or 16 their behavior was so heinous only a person with an adult mentality could have done it so we want them moved to the adult court. >> do you think if the we hear more about these crimes and
9:26 pm
cases that this will continue to happen? you see a case get attention and maybe somebody in the future -- black or white or whatever -- stops and thinks, i don't want to get involved in that. i don't want to be the next george zimmerman put on trial alleged to be a risist and so on. >> think about the this. there is no death in this case. it is a severe beating but the victim will live. nevertheless the person charged with a hate crime is facing 174 years in jail if convicted of every charge that the police have filed and if the judge is able to add to the penalty because the state can prove he chose victims because of their race. on the other hand, if you remove race from the case it's a neater, cleaner, more just result. >> you don't like hate crime charges. >> i have seen many good cases go south because of the racial
9:27 pm
aspect. >> upheld by the u.s. supreme court unanimously. >> yes. when the victim was chosen br race. not when the victim was ridiculed because of race. >> can't be ancillary to the crime. thank you very much, judge. >> you're welcome. >> we'll follow it. just ahead are some democrats rooting for obama care to fail? plus, have they found a cure for baldness? call dr. adlo wrk. you don't have to worry about that. let me see it. and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there.
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9:31 pm
together and go to single payer health care. like the system in england. single payer is -- imagine medicare for everyone in the whole country. senator reid wasn't the first to bring it up. watch. >> i'm all for a single-payer system. eventually. >> if i were starting a system from scratch i think the idea of moving toward a single-payer system could very well make sense. >> i have support ed signs in te street, advocacy and legislature, i have supported single-payer for longer than in of you have been on the face of the earth. i have always thought that was the way to go. >> what we have done here with the obama care is a step in the right direction. we are far from having something that will work. >> you think we'll work beyond this insurance? >> absolutely. yes.
9:32 pm
>> work beyond insurance, yes. betsy mccoy joins us. and leslie marshall, radio talk show host and reporter of the law. welcome to you both. the president in 2003 before he was the president said clearly he happened to be a proponent of single payer universal health care. since he's been president he's said if we were starting from scratch i would be in favor of that. you hear harry reid say it in august. the question is as we see the roll out suffer so many problems, whether some who backed the law initially may be hoping the this thing doesn't do well because the next step might be single payer. >> the best evidence is the law itself. the text of the law which pushes the nation very far toward single payer. first of all it expands medicaid which is single payer health care for people under aged 65.
9:33 pm
the plans and exchanges are medicare plans with fan ti si labels. they are government designed plans that pay tors and hospitals as little as medicaid. so you are likely to have to give up the doctor and hospital you prefer. thirdly, this law empower it is the federal government to dictate how your doctor treats you. section 1311 puts the secretary of health and human services in charge empowering her to impose regulations on all doctors and hospitals and barring insurance companies paying doctors and hospitals that don't obey. so if a cardiologist issues a stent or a bypass. >> i want to get leslie in. move that binder. it's blocking your microphone. before i get to leslie, why would they want single payer?
9:34 pm
why would they all want basically medicare or medicaid for everybody? betsy? >> oh. they want it because they want perfect equality. they want to bar people from buying more health care even if they can afford to with their own money. and most importantly they want to make sure the government controls our lives. the third point i made was so important that this law already allow it is government to dictate how doctors treat even privately insured people who paid for their own health care plans. finally like all single payer they give special privileges to one class -- government officials. that's why in august president obama weaseled that special subsidy for members of congress to have the gold plan paid for by taxpayers. >> go ahead, leslie.
9:35 pm
>> first of all our members of congress, president, senate always had great health care provided by the government. that's what they want for the american people. the same with medicare. they want medicare for all because, quite frankly, it would have been easier to implement. and it's a program that's been very successful. i have never seen a senior at our medical center give up medicare. as a matter of fact they prefer it. >> you think it is better than private insurance that employers offer at a younger age in this country? >> well, for some, yes. it depends on the plan that the corporation is offering. >> that's whether we, the american citizens, want to give up private insurance to go on something run by the government. that's not really what we are about. finish your point. >> i don't feel this is what it will be about. socialized health care in great britain has been around since
9:36 pm
queen victoria. i don't think we'll see a socialized system in our lifetime in this country. we have a different set-up in the united states, especially when you look at wages and the difference between rich and poor in our society. the people who are wealthy have been able and i believe always will be able to find private insurers. when you speak to who dictates your health care, betsy, you know this. there are bureaucrats and failed physicians sued so many times they can't get jobs working at top private insurance companies making determinations for physicians today as the government makes them through medicare. >> betsy, i know you have a lot of points response. we talked about the fact that the numbers aren't there. they are not getting enrollees they need. they need 7 million by the end of march. they have 129,000 so far. according to our numbers, if that's true according to the research firm that's been cited by all news organizations by march they should have a million. they need 7 million to make it
9:37 pm
work. what does that mean? where will it take us in march? >> contrary to what the president said today, this is not a good deal for most americans. it increases premiums for men 99%, doubles them. increases them for women on average 62%. young people are hit the hardest. as you pointed out those are the people they want to sign up. a young man is not going to siep up for a plan with a $3,000 or $5,000 deductible. he's not ever going to get anything back from that plan. >> that's the problem. many are looking at the numbers saying it's not a grand conspiracy that they set up the website to fail so they wouldn't get the numbers and we would have to shift over. is it an opportunity for those backing single-payer to say, you know, you're right. this didn't work out well. we didn't get the numbers. why not come up with a new solution and here it is. the one we have been pushing for all along. >> although that might be a great idea it would be political suicide.
9:38 pm
it would cost the american people so much more. it would hurt the president and his legacy in this landmark legislation. only if the plan succeeds can they say, let's take it a step further. this is a watered down version. now you like it. now you trust us. this is what we've got for you. this is plan b. >> because if the current version fails what are the odds of the american people saying, you know, we need more government running our health care. >> they are not going to like it. they are already realizing if they sign up for exchange plans they won't be able to use doctors and hospitals they rely on. people in california learned they can't go to cedars sinai in los angeles or any of the university of california hospitals. here in new york they can want use new york presbyterian. that's the most fundamental promise the president made and he was lying. >> all right. thank you both so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> in a developing story kathleen sebelius trying to calm
9:39 pm
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[ kids chanting "flo!" ] i also have some great ideas on car insurance. [ silence ] finding you discounts since back in the day. call or click today. i like her. the white house cabinet secretary in charge of the bungled obama care roll out intends to testify before congress next week after
9:43 pm
rejecting the request for her to appear this thursday. if secretary kathleen sebelius appears next week pennsylvania republican congressman tim murphy will be one of those questioning her. he's the chief congressional investigator of the obama care roll out. good to see you. she rejected the invitation for thursday because she'll be at a gala on wednesday night and couldn't make it. your thoughts on the rejection and now the statement that she intends to be there the following week ? >> this is something that's d p deeply concerning. the realtime problem is now, not a week from now. i'm pleased that she's coming before us, i would like to know sooner rather than later. we'll look forward to seeing her next week. we are going to continue this week however with the companies that put together the software and the program. they spent hundreds of millions doing this. we want to know what are the problems and glitches and if this chb saved what it will
9:44 pm
cost. >> why should we care? the president said it's been a bumpy roll out. i will take responsibility for that. we are looking into that. what's important is the law itself. that's what we should focus on. >> this is a sign that say it is bridge is out and they will charge you a off the top of my head if you don't go over it. this is something cgi was given 50 plus million contract. then a lot added on. then it was $90 million and then $200 million. it's still not working. 500 million lines of data. lots of dead ends of data. that's what we know so far. we'll hear from the companies. we want to hear if it was software glitches. were they told to do something that led to the problems? >> we were the told they needed five years to complete the thing. she had two. kathleen sebelius had two.
9:45 pm
is it her fault she had an abbreviated time frame? >> i had people before my subcommittee on oversight investigation. the head of cms, gary cohen. they told us everything is fine. everything's on schedule. don't worry about a thing. we asked b about the navigators, the costs. they said everything is fine. don't worry. this leads us to concerns. either they didn't know what was going on. the system as set up wasn't able to tell them or they knew and didn't want to share it with congress. those are serious problems. >> how do you get to a point where you are satisfied that the american people are protected? the website isn't just a portal through which you recommendster. there is potential identity fraud. potential government subsidy based on information that's typed in there that a person may not wind up deserving. that's our money being given
9:46 pm
away. what can be done to assure the american people that they are protected? >> i'm not sure from the standpoint of hacking it is secure. with 500 million lines there, we don't know how many holes there are in data that could allow someone to hack in. 500 million lines. an f-22 raptor has 1.7 million lines. >> now you're speaking greek to me. but i get your point. congressman, she won't give us the numbers so far. on the lay daily sho -- daily s the only one who got to question her. >> it's because the data is so confused. it's such a mess you can't get useful information. or do they know and don't want to tell congress? another great concern about the data, what about the irs that's going to have access to the data? will they keep it confidential? will their members go into it? i introduced a bill specifically
9:47 pm
to say it will be a criminal offense if smp checks your records. the problem now, hundreds of thousands of people will be told they won't have insurance anymore. >> we talked about it earlier. before i let you go, should anybody specifically be held accountable for this disastrous roll out? 300 plus million spent on a program now even the president admits has been problematic. >> a number of individuals will be held accountable. this is the pattern the administration has with things. people point fingers of blame at somebody else and don't take responsibility. what you don't measure you can't manage. you can't have the leadership to fix it. we have confusion and finger pointing. we have to help vulnerable people in america worried answer insurance. >> representative tim murphy, thank you. >> thank you. >> a big problem that's top of the mind -- cute, get it?
9:48 pm
the baldness break through. this is real. next. plus -- speaking of -- no. >> when i see people talking about the tea party i don't think the tea party has extremists. the extremist is barack obama. he wants to fundamentally transform our health care system. he's the guy who has done damage to america's standing in the world. to the egs tent there is a radical or extremist view i believe the it is the president of the united states. >> that's on "hannity" top of >> that's on "hannity" top of the hohoho the american dream is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach.
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a huge breakthrough tonight in a battle that's been raging since ancient egypt. researchers
9:52 pm
>> huge break through in the cure for baldness. dr. doris day is a dermatologist and author of the book "ferg the facelift." doctor, good to see you. this one sounds -- they're all very excited about this. have they cured baldness? >> this is as close as we've got ton finding a way to actually clone hair or make one hair grow to many hairs. >> some take the follicles back here and put it up here. >> hair loss is one of the most devastating thing i see in my practice. people feel less attractive, less beautiful when they feel they're losing their hair. to have a solution is very exciting.
9:53 pm
they figured it out in mice and rats decades ago. they couldn't translate it to humans. they were growing cultures on a flat plate. if labs they have flat plates. it worked in mice, but when they tried to translate it to human cells the hair wouldn't reproduce. >> now they have a skin graft of human skin on a rodent and they are growing little human hairs. >> right. the way it works and the reason the hair is growing is they took a flat culture to a 3-d model into a sphere. >> i don't care about that. i do care if men will be bald and women who lose their hair. they will clone our hair follicles and move them. >> they're a step closer. now that they've figured out to get the hair to translate, to grow, now they have to see if it will keep cycling and grow and work in real humans, not just in a lab. >> will we find out it's curing baldness but causing cancer? >> no. we are not worried about that. if we can get it to grow, we are
9:54 pm
excited to translate it to doing more research in ways to study hair products. other hair treatments. >> are they cloning your hair follicles? >> they are injecting cells right into the scalp. these are cells with the potential to become any kind of cell. so typically in this case it would be hair. >> everybody is excited about this. they may have cured baldness. but is it like in 30 years, you, too -- >> the standard is five to ten years. they are so close i'm excited about it. i haven't gotten excited about this. this is getting closer to human results. in our lifetime we'll see it. >> if you're going with the comb-over, keep going. five or ten years, keep it rolling. we've got you covered. dr. day, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> great news.
9:55 pm
coming up, an incredible story about a young man's search for the loving family he never had. you must see the update on a teenage orphan who made a heart felt plea from the pulpit of a local church. and go to or send me a tweet. i read them. i have them with me on set. let me know what you think. let me know what you think.
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a story for you now gaining attention. the heart felt plea from a young n >> the hart felt plea from a young man living in foster care asking for the family he never had. a brave 15-year-old slipped into a borrowed suit. look at this picture. walked up to the pulpit and asked for someone, anyone, to adopt him. he told his case worker he heard something about god helping those who helped themselves and made it his mission to find a loving family he's always wanted. his plea went viral generating more than 10,000 responses. folks from as far as new york are calling and e-mailing to try to adopt him. the adoption agency handling his case is urging americans to contact their local foster care because there are davians in the every city in the u.s.
10:00 pm
he's been in foster care for his entire life. good advice to continue looking into it in your area. go to kelly file. follow me on twitter. tell me what you think. thanks for watching. let me know what's up? here's "hannity." welcome to the white house. you have probably heard health hasn't worked as smoothly as it was supposed to work. >> the sales man in chief puts the spin on problems plaguing his disastrous health care law. >> even with the problems at health the website is working for a lot of people. >> it's easy to use and understand. >> will kathleen sebelius be held accountable? >> she will have to resign. she no longer has the credibility to do the job. >> the program she's implemented is a disaster. >> former vice president dick cheney is here to talk about his new book. plus his take on the state of


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